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Dr Physio Full Body Manipol Massager Machine 1011

Manipol massager is designed to produce light to steady pressure on different parts of the body. It utilizes shiatsu massage technique to create a sense of relaxation. It is very effective to relieve painful conditions by providing vibrations in the afflicted area. Light vibrations also stimulate the blood flow and make you more energized after each massage session.


  • Dr Physio handheld massager has 4 massager heads for deep tissue, ideal for neck, back and other body relaxing, speeding up muscle recovery
  • 4 Massage Heads – Wave massage, scraping, and rolling heads with a protective cover.
  • The massager comes with four changeable massage heads including rolling head, wave head, scrapping head, and pumice head to offer maximum benefits. These massage heads help in providing deep tissue massage for fast muscle pain relief. Pumice head removes dead skin cells gently to make it youthful.
  • Another feature that makes it a great investment is its strong motor! It is equipped with an ergonomically designed lightweight motor that makes it easy for you to take it along anywhere, anytime.
  • The Dr Physio massager has been designed with an aim to get a professional full body massage at home. You can use it on your neck, shoulder, waistline, arms, and thigh, hip and calf areas for massage. You can adjust the time and speed of massage according to your personal comfort and time availability through the regulator knob.
  • The massager includes proactive fabric coverage which is very easy to open for cleaning. To replace the coverage, just open it and replace the older cover with the new one. Never keep the massager without coverage as it may lead to early damage.
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