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Beurer Back & Neck Heat Pad



Warmth and Comfort Guaranteed at Home or Away

The Beurer HK-53 Back & Neck Heat Pad is the ideal way to keep warm and cosy whatever the weather. With its beautifully soft padding and faux fur lining, this breathable back and neck pad offers the ultimate in luxurious comfort. The three heat settings mean you can select your desired temperature for personalised heating, whether you just want a gentle warming feeling or you need a powerful wave of warmth in the freezing winter months.

Plug in and Warm Up in Seconds

Within seconds of turning your Beurer HK-53 Back & Neck Heat Pad on you will feel the warmth start to spread with even heat distribution achieved in just a few minutes. The pad will reach its full temperature within 10 minutes and you can wear your pad as it warms up. As the heat pad is mains powered with a power cable stretching approximately 2 metres, you don’t need to wait for a full charge before reaping the therapeutic benefits from your Beurer HK-53 Back & Neck Heat Pad, just plug in and feel the warmth!

Heat Therapy for Aches and Pains

The stresses and strains of daily life – both physical and mental – can leave you with aches and pains you’ve never felt before. A build up of stress and tension often manifests itself in the neck and upper back area with a feeling of stiffness you can’t seem to shake off. A hot bath can often relieve these aches and pains, but the Beurer HK-53 Back & Neck Heat Pad is a great option for use throughout the day and night to release those tight muscles and leave you feeling looser and more relaxed. If you or someone you know regularly suffers kidney pain from urinary tract infections, gentle heat applied to the kidney area can relieve this pain the natural way without the need for pain relieving drugs.

Ergonomically Designed, Clever Engineering

The adjustable straps on the Beurer HK-53 Back & Neck Heat Pad will fit up to a 52-inch waist and a 24-inch collar, the pad itself is approx. 62x42CM so it can cover a large surface area for total comfort. Your heat pad can be machine washed at 30 degrees for total hygiene and it has an automatic safety switch off after 90 minutes for total safety (just in case you’re so relaxed wearing it, you fall fast asleep in front of the T.V!).

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