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SALO Orthotics Leg Elevation Pillow


  • The SALO LEG ELEVATOR This Wedge Cushion Helps You To Elevate Your Legs Above Your Heart For Better Blood Circulation Allows Smooth Blood Flow To The Brain, Reduce Pressure On Your Back During Sleeping
  • Helps & Relieve The Discomfort From Back Pain, Knee Pain, Varicose Veins, Phlebitis, And Restless Leg Syndrome & Leg Surgery Etc. It Is Also Very Helpful During Pregnancy Ache Feet Post Knee By Taking The Pressure Off These Areas Which Helps You Sleep Peacefully Through The Night So You Can Wake Up Refreshed.
  • Curve Shape Designed Helps You To Elevate Leg More Comfortably And Curved Space Provides Relief On The Calf Of Our Legs. When You Sleep By Raised Legs Above Your Heart, Blood Flows From Foot To Brain Very Smoothly. It Also Reduces Pressure On Back During Sleeping.
  • It Is Made Up From The High-Quality Of Polyurethane Foam That Won’t Flatten Or Wear Over Time Which Is Supportive Foam Wedge Pillow Keeps Its Shape. Its Cover Is Made Of Comfy Soft Short Plush, So You Will Feel Very Comfortable When You Put Your Legs On It Also The Cover Is Machine Or Hand Washable.
  • Easily and Comfortably Recovery after Surgery, Elevated Leg Pillow Comfortable & Effective. Zero Gravity Resting Experience for Legs Brings A Better Night’s Sleep, Relax Spinal Cord, Relieve Edema; Relieve Back, Hip and Varicose Veins Pain, Perfectly Keeps Your Legs at an Elevated Height, Improves Blood Circulation and Reduces Swelling
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