Covid Essential Products

The essential product list for COVID-19 is getting more heat as we move towards another wave of new covid-19 strain. It is supposed to be more powerful and dangerous, so we have to be more careful. So far, this pandemic has affected the crores of people worldwide, and it is still increasing.

Face Mask 

It is an essential thing you must carry before stepping outside of the house. The face mask helps to keep you away from respiratory infections arriving from others. Healthcare professionals suggest that individuals with COVID-19 who never create manifestations (asymptomatic) and the individuals who are not yet demonstrating indications can even now spread the infection to others. So, using the mask is necessary.

Hand Sanitizer 

In this pandemic, hand sanitiser catches the eye of everyone. Sanitiser should be at your home as well as with you while you are outside of your house. You have to keep your hands clean in this COVID situation. Ideally, you should wash your hand for twenty seconds with soap or a cleanser. But when it is not possible, you can use a sanitiser to clean your hands. Make sure you always carry a hand sanitiser containing a minimum of 60% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol.

Temperature gun (Infrared Thermometer)

As we know, having a high-grade fever is one of the common symptoms of coronavirus with a cough. A thermometer is an essential product to measure fever and its variation. In COVID-19 instances, measuring a body temperature from a distance provides safety from virus contamination via person-to-person contact. That’s why a temperature gun is more important in the COVID-19 pandemic than a regular thermometer.

Pulse Oximeter 

Well, thanks to coronavirus. Because of this, we are able to know about the pulse oximeter-a hospital gadget. Breathlessness and a low level of oxygen are early symptoms and signs of COVID-19. It is a painless and non-invasive method to check your blood oxygen levels. The pulse oximeter will pass beam rays of different lights through your finger and check how much oxygen in your blood pass to the ends of your body. A simple reduced lung function also can appear on this.

Covid Self Test Kit

CoviSelf is India’s first ICMR approved self-test kit for COVID-19. CoviSelf allows you to test for COVID-19 antigen yourself within 15 minutes. The test is authorized for non-prescription home use with self-collected nasal samples. The test can be used by 18 years and older individuals themselves or by an adult for individuals between 2-18 years old. The tests must be performed with CoviSelf App to register and report results.

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator uses the air to filter oxygen and is the best solution to oxygen supply at home. Patients access this oxygen through a mask or a cannula. It is generally used for patients with respiratory issues and with the ongoing crisis of COVID-19, can be very useful for patients whose oxygen levels drop.


Even though steam inhalation won’t cure a deadly infection like COVID, it may help make you feel a lot better while your body fights it off. The main benefit of breathing in moist, warm steam, according to the health line, is that it may help ease feelings of irritation and swollen blood vessels in the nasal passages. The moisture may also help thin the mucus in your sinuses, which allows them to empty more easily. This can allow your breathing to return to normal, at least for a short period of time.