Protective Socks

It is obvious that 75% of amputations carried out in the neuropathic diabetic foot are with secondary infection, which is potentially preventable. Surprisingly, foot care is often ignored by Diabetics and non-diabetics alike. If a diabetic injures his/her feet, infection sets in much faster than the non-diabetic person and also takes a longer time to heal. There are incidences in which the patients have developed foot injuries after they have walked barefoot for hours in temples and on hot scalding surfaces without realising it due to lack of feeling in tier feet. Temple socks come handy and an effective solutions for diabetic patients during such conditions. This socks has a soft insole padding for leavening the impact force on the foot and also provisioned with a rigid outer surface for protecting the foot from any external injury while walking inside and around the temple or any premises where footwear is not allowed for some reasons.