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Vein Detector


Locating the vein while drawing out blood sample for numerous reasons such as different blood tests, collection of samples can be of a huge hassle. Similarly, figuring out where the vein is with naked eyes and bare hands in order to place the IV channel correctly, and avoid the possibility of causing hematoma is a very tough job, many professionals have faced problems in overcoming this issue and some are even scared of it. The best way to avoid this problem is by using the Vein Tracker / Vein Viewer.

Product Description & Specification
Mode VT – Orange
No. of LEDs 20
Color of LEDs Amber & Red
Warranty 1 Year
Batteries 9 volt
CE Marked CE Approved
Size (LxBxH) 90mm x 59mm x 20mm


  • Pediatric Patients
  • Obese/White/Dark Skin Patients
  • Agitated & Restless Patients
  • Blood Collection
  • IV Canulation
  • ICU/NICU/Critical Wards
  • Anaesthetic/Nursing Homes
  • Hospitals & Others


  • Avoid Multi Needle Prick
  • No Treatment Delays
  • Reduces Patient’s Pain & Technicians Discomforts
  • Improve Site Selection by Identifying Bifurcation
  • Avoids Vein Punctures by Highlighting Exact Angle of the Veins
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