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Transfer Commode Chair

Assisting people in moving from wheelchair to sofa, bed, bathroom and other locations for washing, showering and other daily activities. Wide-ranged folding design saves labour and reduces potential over straining.


INNOVATIVE DESIGN: The innovative design by karma makes transferring patients from their beds to the bathroom/chair a breeze! No more back-breaking manual transfers or awkward patient hoists to deal with!

– MULTI-FUNCTION CHAIR: Patients can sit comfortably in the chair while being pushed to the next location, with flip-up footrests and a cushion included. Patients can also be wheeled over a toilet to allow them to discharge their bowels directly into the toilet bowl. This is much more hygienic and convenient for the caregiver compared with traditional commodes. The transfer chair is waterproof, so patients can also shower while seated on the chair.

– HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Seat height is adjustable to suit the bed, chair or toilet, whichever is highest.Double-locking system to prevent the chair from opening accidentally


  • Assisting the mobility impaired in transfering.
  • Made high quality mild steel.
  • Soft cushion for extra comfort in sitting.
  • Easy mechanism for seat hight adjustment.
  • Max Load Capacity 110 Kg


  • Overall Width: 51 cm
  • Overall Length: 70 cm
  • Overall Height: 94 cm
  • Seat Width: 46 cm
  • Adjustable Seat Height: 41- 67 cm
  • Adjustable Armrest Height: 79 – 94 cm
  • Backrest Height: 37cm
  • Rear Wheel Dia: 3 Inch
  • Front Wheel Dia: 5 Inch
  • Frame Material: Mild Steel
  • User Weight Maximum: 110 kg

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