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Standalone Smoke Detector

The battery operated standalone detector is built to detect smoke at an early stage using a high performance sensor.

  • Plug and play – Do it yourself- No Need for any installation support.
  • Cable and wire free- No more headaches of following up electricians or installers
  • Inbuilt alarm buzzer- Notifies the occupant of any Fire emergency situation- Helps in evacuating the homes or office buildings
  • Low operating cost- Just needs 2 AAA batteries
  • Use it anywhere: Homes, offices, stores etc


DETECTS SMOKE INSTANTLY – Engineered for safety, this smoke detector offers reliable protection from smoke that could lead to a fire hazard. With a LED that provides a visual indication of the detector status, it detects smoldering smoke at an incipient stage to reduce the catastrophic damages a fire outbreak can do.

BATTERY OPERATED SMOKE DETECTOR – With visual and audio alarms, this battery-operated modern device detects and alerts you to smoke that could lead to fire hazards with an inbuilt buzzer. It also provides a warning or indication when the battery is low.

INSTANT ALERTS FOR OPTIMUM SAFETY – Designed to send instant alerts in case of a fire, the alarm is turned on automatically when high levels of smoke is detected, making it easier to keep your premises safe from fire hazards.

SAFEGUARD YOUR PREMISES WITH AN EASY-TO-INSTALL ALARM – This Easy-to-Install smoke detector makes for an extremely user-friendly choice for residential premises, commercial areas, retail outlets, dispensaries, ATMs and stores.

OPTIMIZED TO DETECT MULTIPLE HAZARDOUS SIGNALS – This intelligent alarm system is tested multiple times for accurate functioning. It can alert you to smoke that can lead to fire hazards beforehand. Easily mounted on walls and ceilings, it is highly durable and has a tamper-resistant design.

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