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Premium Anti-Slip Underarm Crutch

Underarm crutches are a lightweight and comfortable accessory for your recovery. The innovative design with heavy-duty tips provides excellent stability and shock-absorption, allowing you to walk with confidence on any surface. Soft foam handles and underarm paddings ensure optimal comfort. These versatile crutches can be used on any surface and are made with premium materials for durability and reliability.


  • Professional-grade equipment: The Flexmo crutches for adults are the ideal solution for your recovery needs. This high-quality equipment offers superior stability and comfort compared to regular crutches, reducing fatigue and minimizing the risk of falls.
  • Anti-slip design: Our underarm crutches feature an innovative design that ensures excellent stability on any terrain. With the Flexmo crutches, you can maintain a standing position and prevent slipping on wet bathroom tiles, snow, mud, or rocks.
  • Comfortable padding: The Flexmo adult crutches are designed to make your recovery as comfortable as possible. They feature EVA foam handles and pads that provide optimal support and increased comfort for your underarms.
  • Top-quality materials: Our crutches for walking are made with premium-quality aluminum, steel, and military-grade rubber. The lightweight yet durable construction offers excellent support and resistance in any condition.
  • Stable construction: Equipped with heavy-duty tips, our crutches for adults allow you to walk with confidence on any surface, including stairs. The shock-absorption property of the crutches provides a smooth walking experience, without any discomfort.


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