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N95 Face Mask – Venus


Features & Specifications

  • Protection: Solid Dust / Mist/ Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter.
  • Dotted Pattern Edges for Soft Feel
  • Latex Free Textile Elastic For Long Life
  • Skin Friendly And Does Not Deform In High Temperature
  • Superior Microfibre Media Technology
  • Indian standard Institute ISI Marked
  • Composite Of Multiple Layers viz Pre-Filter, Fine Filter And Skin Comfort Layer.
  • Flat Fold “C” Style
  • Embedded Aluminium Nose Clip For Leak Proof Fit
  • Effectively Removes Heat Build Up
  • Provides Breathing Comfort and Promotes Easy Communication
  • Stylish Universal Design which easily fits for all face shapes
  • Unique Fit Adjusters Provides Optimum Protection And Comfort
  • Large Surface Area
  • High Breathing Comfort
  • Pocket Friendly Style
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