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Electric Breast Pump

  • Baby Safe Material makes it safe to use
  • Compact Design makes it easy to carry
  • Soft Petal Massage Silicone Cushion for suction without pain
  • Ergonomic Shape for better grip and easy pumping
  • 100% Sterilisable for convenient, hygienic pumping


  • FLEXIBLE & HYGIENIC: A hygienic closed system design keeps breastmilk from backing up into the motor or tubing to help prevent mold & bacteria.
  • CONVENIENT & HYGIENIC: Dr. Odin breast pumps allow you to pump directly into pre-sterilized breastmilk storage bottle for convenient, hygienic pumping that saves precious breastmilk & time.
  • BREAST FEEDING: A breast pump may assist you to extend the period of breast feeding. Even though you are not able to breastfeed baby by yourself, you may share your milk through this product.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: The small and exquisite structure of breast pump makes it easy to carry anywhere.

A breast pump helps a nursing mother to pump and store breast milk in order to allow the baby to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around.

This helps working mothers ensure that their babies get their due share of breastfeeding despite the distance.

But its advantages are not only limited to working mums, even stay at home mothers can use a pump to store milk and ask an attendant to give a feed when needed while catching up on some me-time.

A breast pump also comes in handy if the baby can’t latch well (where the child is unable to suckle or hold on to the nipples of its mother) but the mother is lactating enough to produce good quality of milk.

Pumping out sufficient amount of milk can also help feed premature babies round-the-clock who might need more attention and adequate supply of breast milk.

Continuous pumping can also save a new mother from the clutches of engorgement and the heaviness of breasts.

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