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Comfy Potty Stool

RapidPlus comfy potty stool helps get the right squatting posture for easy elimination while using western commodes. This stool can be adjusted according to comfort to 7 inch or 9 inch.


RapidPlus presents first of its kind Comfy Potty Stool , designed to provide right squatting posture for easy elimination while using a western commode. The comfy potty comes with the bottom and removable top to make it convenient for the user to set the height at 7 inch or 9 inch. It is user-friendly and non-slippery with rubber grips at the bottom of the legs. Made using durable, strong virgin polypropylene copolymer and with attractive aesthetics, it will effortlessly blend with your bathroom decor.


  • Made of virgin polypropylene copolymer
  • Suitable for senior citizens, women and kids one for all
  • Provides the right squatting posture while using a western commode
  • Allows easy waste elimination
  • Height can be adjusted
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