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Aluminum Commode Bath Wheelchair


  1. Can be used in bedroom – Help people who have trouble with their legs & feet
  2. It can be used in the bathroom – Not afraid of rust & water
  3. Can be used with the toilet –  It can be pushed into the toilet for use
  4. Easy folding does not take up space – It can be folded easily without effort

Spec –

  • Seat cushion is made of EVA material. Soft Comfortable & waterproof.
  • The seat cushion adopts Japanese craftsmanship soft & comfortable without deformation
  • The toilet bowl had a large space and does not reveal urine and defecation at the same time
  • Balanced partial pressure of U plate, increase vertical space & prevent urine from being exposed
  • Holds upto 150kgs
  • The large curved backrest is comfortable, close fitting & durable, and the large and wide backrest can make the user feel more comfortable and soft
  • Strong ant-skid large handrail wear resistant texture design, comfortable and non slip, good texture, avoid accidents cause by unstable grasping.
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