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AliveCor KardiaMobile 6L ECG Portable Machine

AliveCor’s innovative technology gives patients the ability to record a medical-grade ECG in just 30 seconds, with no hospital visits and complete peace of mind.

FDA Cleared

Detects the 3 most common heart arrhythmias: atrial fibrillation, bradycardia, tachycardia

6-lead ECG gives your doctor more detailed heart information

Provides doctors visibility into certain arrhythmias that are leading indicators of cardiovascular disease


  • KardiaMobile 6L is an AI and Bluetooth-enabled ECG device that captures medical-grade heart data. With ECG leads I, II, III, aVL, aVR, and aVF, the ECG capturing is simultaneous, smooth, and incredibly accurate
  • Easy to record ECG in 30 seconds anytime, anywhere that can detect AFib, Bradycardia, Tachycardia, or Normal heart rhythm.
  • Record, Report, Share, Save, all convenience available at your fingertips. Share detailed 6-lead ECGs with your doctor for a better view of your heart. And help your doctor provide you with even better care. No hospital visit is required for ECG capture.
  • KardiaMobile 6L has two electrodes on the top for your fingers, and one on the bottom to contact the skin of your left leg. All without messy gels and wires.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices for ease of sharing.
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