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Wasa Mousse Spray

Wasa Mousse has an acidic pH and cleans the skin thoroughly. It can be used on all skin types, thus helping to prevent eczema, infectious skin diseases, and bedsores to a large extent. The cleaning and care foam is used to gently remove urine or fecal residues from the skin of incontinent patients. The foam from the propellant-free bottle must act briefly and is then wiped away. The foam is acidified and preserves the natural acid mantle of the skin. It is moisturising and odour-binding.


Now excellent cleaning urine and fecal residues from soiled skin areas of the incontinent patients is easy with this Wasa Mousse 200ml spray. Its foam formulation glides evenly on the targeted area. Enriched with effective ingredients to moisturize the patient’s skin conveniently.

WASA Mousse’s Benefits Of Uses

  • Cleaning of soiled skin areas (e.g., in case of incontinence, anus etc.); also appropriate for the normal cleaning of hands and skin
  • For use on irritated, chapped skin to avoid further damage due to the use of soap
  • Care of sick people, Wasa Mousse helps to prevent decubitus (bedsores)
  • Wasa Mousse is a mild cleaning action, even without using water
  • Best spray for bed sores Clean
  • This advanced cleaning and care foam helps cleanse the urine and fecal residues effectively
  • Diligently designed to prevent irritation and chapped skin for a soft and smooth texture
  • Formulated with acidic pH to gently remove dirt and skin impurities to maintain the hygiene


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