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Wand Massager


  • Usb rechargeable & cordless: body handheld wand massager is fully rechargeable and cordless. Charger has a USB port and plug in power cord in one and portable design make it easy to carry and with flexible neck
  • Slicod Massage Head: 28 vibration modes wand massager comes with high performance 28 vibration patterns and 8 intense speed and gives maximum pleasure
  • Water resistant: completely water proof design and easy to clean. Water resistant design allows the electric massager to be used in the bath or shower, it is also really easy to clean
  • Compact & quiet operation: body wand massager is extremely quiet when working. The product is light weight and also easy to hold
  • All over body massager: body wand massager has soft bendable silicon head use in your tires feet, legs, neck, back and shoulder, makes you feel comfortable and relaxes sore and tired muscles
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