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Ultra Sound Gel


Available in – 250ml bottle & 5ltr can


  • Water soluble scan ultrasound gel
  • Non irritation gel ultrasound
  • Non Sensitization
  • Ultrasound gel warmer provides clear and consistence ultrasound transmission
  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Ideal coupling medium for sonography, Eco cardiograph Doppler etc.
  • Spread easily and uniformly.
  • Safe for transducer & special long drying formula.
  • Perfect contact for clear image.
  • Non corrosive, Non greasy and easily remove with towel and tissue paper.
  • Natural pH.


Provides high conductive effect and clear, accurate recording without electrical artifacts.

Has high resistance to drying (high viscosity).

Provides proper adhesion for electrodes.

Chemically neutral (no interactions with electrode or skin of patient).


Water soluble, allows excellent conductivity.

Smooth & mild wetting of the patient skin.

Harmless for transducer.

No staging and odorless.



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