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TurnPlus Car Seat Swivel Mechanism


TurnPlus is an easy to install, swivel seat mechanism which is fitted under the existing bucket seat of your car. This allows the car seat to swivel and come out to ensure you are seated with minimum effort. This is especially useful for wheel-chair transfers and the elderly who can navigate the transition with minimum effort. TurnPlus also addresses a very important aspect of easy seating for people with over 14 medical conditions and addresses challenges faced due to old age and pregnancy.Traditionally, people with disabilities (PwDs) approached the local garages for custom solutions for their cars which are expensive, time-consuming and not well-engineered. In comparison, TurnPlus is an economical, standardized, off-the-shelf product with a 3 year warranty, which ensures your comfort while adhering to strict safety standards.

The car seat swivel mechanism is ideal for people with various medical conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Paralytic/Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Backbone/Knee/Spine Ailments, Multiple Sclerosis, All Wheel Chair Users, etc. It can also be used by pregnant women and the elderly.

TurnPlus has passed below tests:

  • 20G front & rear crash
  • Seat belt anchorage
  • 20% overload, -40 to 60° Celsius
  • 8000 cycles open and close
  • Wet/dry 8000 salted water cycles

Installation Instructions:

  • Once the order is delivered, within 3 weeks, the brand engineer will visit the customer’s location and install the product, which will take 4 hours.

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