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Sil Cath Silicon External Catheter

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Sizes Available – S – 20mm, M – 25mm, L – 30mm, XL – 35mm


  • The Romsons Sil Cath Male External Catheter is made of 100% silicone material
  • The soft silicone catheter is designed to be non-irritating, non-reactive and for soft and gentle feel
  • Clear material enables visualization of drainage flow.
  • Bio-compatible material reduces irritation for patient’s comfort and safety.
  • The eyes are smooth and proportional to provide atraumatic insertion.
  • Hard valve ensures easy inflation and deflation of balloon.
  • Sterile, individually packed. Colour coded as per size.
  • Box of 10/ Master Box of 500.
  • It is ergonomically shaped and easily rolls over the penis
  • The catheter is highly safe and free from any kind of allergic reactions
  • Its proximal end is designed for safe and easy connection to urine bag/ leg bag
  • The catheter is sterile and is ready to use
How to use 
  • Wash up & clean hands.
  • Wash & clean the penile skin & glans.
  • Peel open the peelable pack and remove the device safely
  • Place the Sil Cath on the Tip of the Penis
  • a. Roll up the Sil-Cath (Male Condom Catheter) on the prnis to its full lenght. Remove the protective cone
  • Secure the base of the worn Sil-Cath to the penis base by affixation with the adhesive tape.
  • Connect proximal to the tapered connector of the uro bag or uro leg bag set.
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