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Self Check Dial Type BP Instrument


A functional stethoscope and a reliable blood pressure monitor are two basic tools required by every medical professional. The Diamond BPDL231 Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitor with Built-In Stethoscope combines the two tools into a single convenient mechanism and helps medical professionals carry out these basic checks without any difficulty. Precise & Reliable Two-in-One Product The blood pressure monitor consists of a cuff, bellow, and a printed dial consisting of readings ranging from 20 to 300 mm HG scale with the standard 2 mm HG resolution. The conventional BP monitor is a durable product that will provide reliable readings irrespective of how often it is used by the medical professional. The stethoscope attached to the monitor can be used independently or as an additional tool to verify the blood pressure reading of the patient. The mechanism has been designed to provide the most accurate reading even when the cuff is used by a beginner. The crystal glass fitted as the cover for the dial makes it easy to track the reading at a glance. The blood pressure cuff has been designed for a firm and comfortable grip that will minimize discomfort for the patient without affecting the overall accuracy of the process. This monitor cum stethoscope has been constructed with first-grade rubber and plastic materials. The metal parts are coated with nickel and chromium plating to prevent rusting or corrosion even when used frequently. The mechanism comes with a soft carrying case that will let you carry the monitor in your pocket without any discomfort whatsoever. Easy to setup and convenient to use, this monitor is a must for every medical professional.

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