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Premium Anti Slip Elbow Crutch

These crutches are lightweight, comfortable, and provide excellent support on any surface. With heavy-duty tips and shock-absorption properties, the Flexmo crutches offer a pain-free walking experience that surpasses traditional crutches. The soft foam handles add comfort, making them ideal for extended use. Whether for a short-term injury or a longer recovery, the Flexmo crutches are an excellent option for reliable and comfortable support.


  1. Anti-slip design – The Flexmo crutches provide exceptional grip on any surface, even wet floors, ensuring safety during use.
  2. Adjustable height – These crutches are made of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum and come with pushpins that allow for easy adjustment of the height.
  3. Ergonomic palm grip – The orthopaedic-style handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, reducing the impact on your wrist.
  4. Suitable for different users – These crutches are ideal for anyone with gait problems, hemiplegic, fractured leg, post-TKR, physically challenged, or for those who walk a lot during the day.
  5. Mimics human foot – The design of these crutches mimics the human foot, ensuring maximum grip and articulation through a joint-like ankle.
  6. Stiffness ball – The stiffness ball mimics muscular strength, offering increased control during use.



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