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Portable Wheelchair

Portable Aluminium Wheelchair by FastCure is a useful mobility aid that gives a sense of independence to the users. It comes with lockable hand brakes for safety and rugged rear wheels.


FastCure presents Portable Aluminium Wheelchair, an ergonomic mobility aid for senior adults, people with injuries or limited mobility. This aid allows them to be independent and makes moving easier. It is much lighter than regular wheelchairs, making it a travel-friendly choice. You can easily manoeuvre it along with folding it compactly. This wheelchair comes with patented lockable united hand brakes which maximise the safety factor and 8-inch (20.32 cm) rugged rear wheels. The brakes are a must for moving on inclines, bumps and various terrains. It also comes with an adjustable seat belt. It comes with flip-up armrests, a nylon seat and foldable footrest. The seat is 41 cm wide and the footrest can be locked in place after being folded. This lightweight wheelchair is one of the most portable mobility aids in the market, weighing only 7 kilograms.


  • Portable travelling wheelchair
  • Has an aluminium frame
  • Has flip-up armrests
  • Wide nylon seat
  • Foldable footrest that can be locked in place
  • United brakes to ensure maximum safety
  • Comes with an adjustable seat belt
  • Easy to hold handles for easy manoeuvring by caretakers
  • Lightweight and compact
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