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Pedal Exerciser



Improve your Health, Energy-Level, and Productivity Mini Pedal Exerciser Cycle from the house of Smart Care. The amazing compact exerciser cycle is suitable for upper & lower body workout. It is equipped with double baked enamel finish, non-slip tips and adjustable resistance knob to provide you comfort and safety while you exercise. This helps in improving range, build up muscle power, and coordination ability of limb joints. It has a compact design and is made from high quality material. This amazing exerciser cycle is a must have tool for all fitness enthusiasts.


Product Specifications and Features:

  • Helps to keep an individual active
  • Helps in improving health
  • Useful for physio therapy and is ideal for fitness enthusiasts
  • It has compact design
  • Provides good muscle workout
  • Helps in strengthening the bones
  • May helps to reduce depression, stress levels, and anxiety
  • Increases cardiovascular fitness
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