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Omron HEM- 7156 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor


Omron presents Blood Pressure Monitor (HEM-7156-A), a compact and fully automatic BP monitor with enhanced IntelliSense technology. This device allows you to check your BP levels within the comfort of your home without having to do to a physician each time. It has an irregular heartbeat detection function. This device uses IntelliSense technology which is a new algorithm that enhances measurement accuracy with a standard deviation of less than 4 mmHg. This enhanced monitor inflates the cuff to the ideal level and no adjustment is required by the user. It comes with an arm cuff with IntelliWrap accuracy, and the cuff wrapping guide shows the user how to correctly cuff wrap by indicating “OK” to ensure accurate and reliable BP measurement. The device has a hypertension indicator that blinks if the systolic or diastolic pressure is outside the standard range (above 135 systolic/85 diastolic range). It stores 60 measurements in the memory along with date and time and shows the average of last 3 readings within 10 minutes.


  • Has a blood pressure level indicator
  • Personalized inflation for maximum comfort
  • IntelliWrap is easily wearable
  • Cuff wrapping guide for accurate and reliable measurement
  • Stores 60 Measurements in Memory with date and time
  • Cuff fits circumference of 22 – 42 cm
  • Comes with irregular heartbeat detection function
  • Has enhanced IntelliSense technology
  • Shows average for last 3 readings within 10 minutes
  • Quickly deflation releases valve for speedy measurement
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