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Omron HEM- 7121J Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor



Omran B.P Monitor Hem-7121J is an automatic Blood Pressure monitoring device that is made with IntelliSense Technology for the comfortability of patient’s use. It indicates OK when the user wraps the cuff, ensuring that the right amount of pressure is applied to generate accurate and faster results. Now get precise and consistent measurements at your home so you can keep a track of your health easily.


  • Designed with IntelliSense Technology that automatically inflates the cuff to the right level without any requirement of adjustment setting from the user. It makes blood pressure monitoring convenient and easy for newbies.
  • Displays OK when the cuff wrap is ideal to measure the blood pressure.
  • Fits according to the size of your arm for personalized comfort.
  • Has quick valve deflation system for faster measurements.
  • The memory setting enables you to recall the last reading.
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