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Beurer Infrared Thermometer


A high-temperature or fever can be dangerous, especially for children. With the Beurer FT85 contactless thermometer, you can measure body temperature without skin contact so you can keep a close eye on Vitals even while the patient is asleep. Hygienic, safe and convenient. The measurement is taken from the forehead at a distance of 2-3 CM using infrared technology – perfect for young children who are wary of contact thermometers. You’ll have a reading in seconds with an optional acoustic notification that the reading is complete. Reassuring with children, the contactless thermometer also has a visual fever alarm that will alert you if the temperature is reading 38 degrees or above. The FT85 has an in-built memory capacity to hold the last 60 body temperature readings for your reference and can also measure an object or room temperature. The digital display illuminates blue for ease of Reading and you can choose to have your measurement displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

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