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Easy Back Rest


This innovative device is a modified backrest that can transform any regular bed into a semi-fowler hospital bed. It offers an excellent inclinable backrest and can be adjusted to varying degrees of inclination, from flat to around 80 degrees. This is an economical option for patients who require a hospital bed setup without the need to invest in a full-sized hospital bed.

The backrest can be easily placed on any bed with a mattress of 3-4 inches over it, and the lever/rotary handle can be fitted to both sides of the bed for easy adjustment. This portable and lightweight backrest, weighing about 10kg, is made with steel material and can bear weight up to 150kg. It measures 24 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and 3 inches in height.

The backrest is easy to install and use and provides excellent comfort for both patients and caregivers. It is compatible with any kind of mattress and can be easily fixed or removed as needed. The package contents include the backrest, a detachable side railing, and a detachable rotary handle.

The Hospibed is an ideal solution for homes that lack the space to accommodate a full-sized hospital bed without rearranging existing furniture. With this backrest, an ordinary bed can be transformed into a semi-fowler hospital bed in just four easy steps, providing value for money and convenience for patients and caregivers alike.


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