Chair With Wheels

Etiquettes for Non-Wheelchair Users…
The most important thin you need to remember when meeting someone in a wheelchair is to talk to the person and not to the disability

*When first meeting a disabled person, offer to shake their hand even if they appear to have limited use of their arms.
*If the disabled person is with a caregiver, make sure you speak to the disabled person directly, and not over their heads to the caregiver
*When talking to someone in a wheelchair, make eye contact, talk normally in a non patronizing manner, and do not stare at their wheelchair
*If a conversation is expected to last longer than five minutes, find somewhere to sit down, or squat down to the wheelchair users eye level. This will reduce the wheelchair users neck from being strained during a conversation
*To a wheelchair user, their wheelchair is part of their body and personal space and should be treated as such. Do not rest your foot on their wheelchair, or touch their wheelchair unless you have been asked to
*If you are unsure of something about a disabled person, which is relevant to a current situation, ask the disabled person to clarify your query